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Track Brewing Company Limited

Switch w/ Freestyle Hops | DIPA w/ Peacharine | 8.0%

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Packaged Date: 17/06/24

Having sampled a few world-class beers over the past year or so with a new hop varietal called Peacharine, we knew we had to get some. We managed to get a small amount that became part of the hop bill for Touch, our 9th Birthday DDH IPA.

Working very closely with our hop supplier, Freestyle Hops, we were lucky enough to get some fresh harvest Peacharine air frighted over to us all the way from New Zealand, and brewed a single hopped Double IPA.

Expect massive flavours of Peaches & Nectarines, with a bright lime finish - this beer is a joy to drink.


Size: 1x440ml
Size: 1x440ml