The BIG Weekend Mixed 12-Pack

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Gear up for the Bank Holiday weekend with this mixed 12-pack! Brimming with juicy IPA's, quenching pales and a DDH or two! 

2 x Sunset Trains | Pale Ale | 5.2% 

A base of pale malt, wheat and chit malt brings clean, smooth body to this beer with a sweet biscuit note. Layered on this effortlessly drinkable base are Mosaic and Cashmere which ride the wave of juicyness bringing their characteristic berry fruitiness and slight resinous quality from Mosaic plus a boat load of tropical melon, pineapple as well as a lemon and lime popfrom Cashmere. Finishing with a rounded, soft bitterness and juicy fullness which ebbs into a lingering and satisfying finish.

2 x Half Dome | Pale Ale | 5.3% 

Our collaboration with the good people at Maray, who are opening their new restaurant in our fair city of Manchester! Mosaic, Rakau & Citra lead the dry hop, so you'll get plenty of lime, white grape and juicy pink grapefruit on top of a soft pillowy body. Enjoy this alongside their Disco Cauliflower for a match made in heaven!

2 x Dreaming Of...DDH Idaho 7 | DDH IPA | 7% 

We love Idaho 7 here at Track if you haven't already noticed. However, as much as we love it, we've never used it on its own in a beer, and for no good reason. So here it is, the next in our Dreaming Of series. Think of it as Mosaic on steroids - super pungent, and like you've just opened a fresh bag of hops when you first dive in for that first wiff. A smooth base of Pilsner malt, rolled oats and flaked wheat help the Idaho 7 to really show off its extremely dank qualities. Sit back and smell this for a while before diving in and enjoying a beautiful assault of hops.  

2 x Ships To New Lands | DDH Pale | 5.5%

Join us on this voyage of flavour with our friends at Chainhouse Brewing. Making arguably, some of the best Pales in the UK - balancing effortless drinkability with huge flavour, and all wrapped up in a smaller than usual body for the hopping rate used. The beer in the glass presents a gorgeous bright yellow and an amora of bright lime is the first thing that hits your senses. As the flavour develops, more subtle notes of dank, but sweet pineapple come through making this a delight to drink from start to finish. 

2 x Each Equation | IPA w/ FLOC | 6%

Get your hands in the air and get ready for the wild ride aboard this flume of deliciousness. A boat load of pilsner malt, oats and wheat make up the base of the beer and New England yeast brings superb smoothness and softness which accents the juicy dry hop which is made up of Strata, Idaho 7 and El Dorado bringing waves of tropical melon, pineapple daiquiri and kiwi. A pleasing, mellow bitterness refreshes the palate before beautiful pithy pomelo leads into a smooth, soft finish.

2 x New Vibration | IPA | 6.5%

This beer hales a new dawn. One of hope, joy and above all…joose! Pilsner malt, flaked wheat and oodles of oats bring bright yellow hazy sunshine in a glass. Soft, brioche malt character really pops the fruity contributions from Idaho 7 and Galaxy. There's some serious pineapple and guava on the nose, lovely herbal bitterness on the palate with melon mingling amongst explosions of sweet orange, grapefruit and a touch of boisterous papaya. Clean and balanced pithiness at the finish gets the juices flowing ready for another journey into the safari park of flavour.

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