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Track Brewing Company Limited

Vision w/ State Of Kind Brew Co | DDH IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin, Nelson Sauvin Cryo, Citra, Citra Cryo, Citra 702 & Galaxy | 6.8%

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Packaged Date: 26/06/24

We have recently had the pleasure of brewing with our buddies from State Of Kind Brewing from Wigan, and are super pleased to have collaborated on this DDH IPA.

A double helping of Nelson Sauvin produces incredible New Zealand hop flavours - evoking citrus bursts of Lime & Sauvignon Blanc-esq esters, alongside a fresh Gooseberry aroma. The addition of Citra and Galaxy hops helps to lengthen this flavour profile, introducing bitter Pink Grapefruit notes and a balancing earthiness on the finish. The end result is an ultra refreshing and balanced IPA absolutely stacked with hop flavours, all within our soft, fluffy body.




Quantity: 4x 440ml
Quantity: 4x 440ml