Designs & Concepts - Birthday Collection

We create a lot of beers, 352 so far if you go by the gospel of Untappd. Generally, we have a set framework for each style, this helps us achieve a quick turnaround and allows the consumer to understand what each beer is just by a visual cue.

But when it comes to 'specials’ & ‘one-offs', we have to go back to the drawing board. Suddenly there's a looming deadline and we need to make sure that they stand out as something different, while still feeling quintessentially 'Track'.

When it came to us turning nine and where to look, we were stumped. We looked at sacred symbols, astrology and even dabbled in the realms of religious mysticism before finally landing on Cymatics.

We asked our Head Of Design, Amy, if she would be gracious enough to provide insight into her artistic journey, allowing us to glimpse the early sketches and concepts that ultimately gave birth to the final designs.
Amy Haselden - Head Of Design
Touch / Wave / Transition - Design

Movement, waves & motion often present themselves in the designs of Track, and so it felt right to include that in our birthday beer designs too, but I wanted to see if there was a new way of looking at it. I started to look into Cymatics - the study of sound and vibration.

I was immediately fascinated by the changing patterns created on the surface of a substance when different frequencies were vibrated through it. I delved right into the Cymatics world and discovered the research of Hans Jenny (who coined the term 'Cymatics') and continued to be even more fascinated.

Hans Jenny 'Turbulences'

He did a few tests with ink and water and it created these incredibly beautiful patterns, 'turbulences' he called them, in between two areas of movement on the surface. I was captivated by them and they went on to inspire our birthday label designs, with the addition of colour and texture so that the cans are a real treat for the eyes, the fingertips, and of course the palate too! 

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