Our Journey

In 2008, Sam embarked on a ride that, you could say, got out of hand... turning into a two year odyssey that took him around the world. His journey began with a coast-to-coast adventure across the United States, where he stumbled upon small taprooms and breweries that left an indelible mark.

Beer ceased to be just a beverage; it became a conduit for introspection, connection, and community. Across towns big and small, local breweries served as vibrant hubs for discussion, inspiration, and adventure.

Peddling through 25 countries on five continents, covering a staggering 35,000 miles, Sam's journey was more than a physical feat—it was the birth of an idea.

Upon returning home, Sam delved headfirst into the world of beer, honing his craft in London before returning home to the North West, and nestled in an arch beneath Piccadilly Station, Track was born.

After spending six happy, somewhat cramped, years in that humble 2000 sq/ft arch, it became time to to take the next step and in May 2021 Track relocated to it's new 1200sq/ft warehouse on Piccadilly Trading Estate, a stones throw form the original site.

From those early experiences in the Taprooms across American dirt roads, the dream had always been to create a space where production and consumption could sit side by side, allowing the drinker to be transported into the sights and smells of a working brewery, whilst being able to try the beer as fresh as possible.

Though much has changed since our inception, the essence of Track remains unaltered. Craft beers that take you on an adventure. 

Curious to learn more about Sam's adventures? Tune in to Episode 10 of our podcast, The Thirst Time.