A Look Behind The Curtain...

Hey Folks, 

So what does 2023 bring... I don't think we need to enlighten anyone with the current challenges facing breweries, businesses & people alike. Instead we want to use the start of the year and this platform to let you have a peek behind the curtain. 

We've said it before and we shall say it again, beer is simple in its form but infinite in its possibilities and we hope that in the coming months, through these blog posts and supported media, we can let you into our world and with it, give you a greater appreciation for that finished beer in the glass. 

Last year was our first full year operating at our new site, we effectively doubled our output from our old humble archway and brewing on our new kit, as always, brought its own challenges, frustrations and teething problems but overall, we are really proud of the beers we put out. That being said, we think this year is going to be something special.

Processes have been dialed in, we have a greater understanding of our ingredients and it's the first year that we have our own, hand selected Hops (more about this to come in a future blog post). There's also some really exciting technological advances going on further up the supply chain, whether that be thiolised yeast strains, or frozen hops fresh from the fields, it all brings a new layer of intrigue, taste & curiosity and that's something we never tire of exploring here at Track.

Last year brought us projects like Fractions, LUX, Dreaming Of (Our first DDH IPA range) & our continued Gold Top Series, we also saw the return with some regularity of beers like Half Dome & From Above. We are going to keep building, improving and reimagining everything we learned, to keep this year as interesting as possible. 

We also want to take this chance to say a massive thank you to everyone who's supported us over the last year and beyond, without you and your constant want for excellence & exploration, none of this would be possible. 

So here's to 2023 and looking behind the curtain... 

Happy New Year!

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