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If there are two words that make us shudder it's 'Fast Fashion'. Garments are made to wear a couple of times before they find themselves in a landfill.

Wherever we've been able to, we've always made sure our merchandise is organic/sustainable and fair trade. Not only does this support a better supply chain, but we find the quality is way higher.

So... when we got the invite to collaborate with one of our favourite brands, who care about all of these things too, it was an easy YES!

KAVU is a brand leader in reducing waste but making no compromise on quality. They insert fun and a love of the outdoors into everything they do and we are honoured to have worked with them to produce a new 'TRACK x KAVU' merch line, designed by Amy our designer extraordinaire (@ahcreative_)

Launching in the Taproom & Online March 25th  




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