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What's Kohia Nelson?

If you are here and reading this, it means you've probably just seen our newest release, 'Always On My Mind' and thought "huh... What's Kohia Nelson?"

Well... we are here to shed a little more light.

Further up the supply chain, it's a whirlwind of constant activity – tweaks, experiments, new varietals. It's all in pursuit of offering you, the consumer, a fresh experience while also adding elements of intrigue, excitement, and efficiency to the brewing community.

This journey of product innovation doesn't follow a set pattern. Instead, it's built upon the foundation we just described. There's a continuous exchange of questions and ideas between brewers and suppliers, a feedback loop that places you, the consumer, right at its heart.

So... What is Kohia Nelson? 

Crafted by Freestyle Hops, it's a blend of Nelson, Rakau, and drumroll please... Passionfruit.

That's right – hops and fruit, bound together in a petite green pellet. While breweries have long incorporated fruit into their IPAs to enhance those big tropical aromas, never before have these two worlds converged quite like this.

We're stoked to be at the forefront of introducing this exciting addition to the UK craft beer scene, and we're excited for your feedback.

For us, Kohia Nelson brings forth a real fusion of fruity notes (Passionfruit being at the heart of it) while still retaining those 'hoppy' characteristics that we know and love about Nelson & Rakau.

We're genuinely interested in your thoughts so don't hesitate to let us know what you think. 

Cheers and enjoy!



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