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Track 2.0

Track 2.0

It's here. After years of working away under our railway arch, the time has finally come to transition. Through the early mornings, late nights and all the day to day stresses, we have always shared a vision of where we wanted to progress as a brewery....we are finally in touching distance of that becoming a reality.

I'm hesitant of how much detail to go into about our journey through lockdown, we know of so many friends and business that have experienced this particular pandemic rollercoaster and I imagine it follows a similar pattern:

Pre Lockdown - Had plans.

Lockdown - All plans went out of the window.

It's been such a challenging time for so many but we feel incredibly fortunate to have been supported through this time by YOU! 

Your messages of support alongside your unquenchable thirst and consumption of Sonoma, gave us the belief and the momentum to push on with our previously made plans.

So... what are the plans?


Meeting With Gravity November 11th 2020

The Vision 

We want to produce beer without compromise, that we are truly proud of, and be able to welcome you into the very space where Track lives and breathes.

Where We Are 

In June 2020 we took the keys to a 10,000sq ft industrial unit, just round the corner from our old arch and right across the street from our lovely neighbours Cloudwater.

We'd been searching all over Manchester, but when this unit became available, it was too good an opportunity to turn down. It provided the space for us to triple our brewing capacity, improve our production and build the Taproom that we'd been dreaming of since our inception. 

The Brewkit

We now have an absolutely beautiful 30hl brew-kit, manufactured and installed by Gravity Systems. Over the next few weeks we will be giving you a bit more information on that side of things, but will leave that to the man who'll be brewing the beer, Head Brewer Matthew Dutton

30hl Gravity Brew Kit

The Taproom

Our Taproom has had many iterations over the years, from late night parties under the arch, a pop up in Crusader Mill, a little guest spell at Cloudwaters Unit 9, but nothing that's truly felt like home. 

Until now...

Perched right beside the brew kit, we've built a custom designed, 2,000sq ft Taproom that we are bristling with excitement for you guys to come and enjoy. 20 lines of our freshest beers in touching distance from where they are made. 

Gareth & Aidan from On the Brink Studios

Our wonderful new Taproom has been designed and made by On The Brink Studios x Mike & Sian, it is a true collaboration. After spending time with us and our designer AH Creative, graciously listening to our vision, they have managed to create something even better than we could have imagined.

So... We will leave you with that for now, but stay tuned for more updates on the journey. 

We can't wait to have you all down for a beer!

Much Love 

Team Track x 



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