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2022 - What We Have In Store

Hey Folks, 

Firstly, Happy New Year!

2021 was a lovely cocktail of moving premises, building a Taproom, learning how to brew on a new kit and all of the fun bits in between...

But, we are here!

We have a beautiful new facility and we want to make sure that it is put to good use.

So here are some plans for what we have in store for 2022 


Now we know we are not the first place to do this, but we've been inspired by all those who've ran before, so we thought we'd start our own. The aim of 'One Foot Forward' is to bring people together, in a friendly social setting and get moving.

As time moves forward we want to grow this into something bigger, maybe with some far off adventures and live events with speakers from the running/outdoor community. 

But for now, it's just a friendly 5k starting and finishing at the Taproom, with a free beer or soft drink on us. 

(We also have our own running Ts now on sale)


Fractions is a project bringing together our love of Photography, words & (of course) beer. We will be selecting a different photographer for every project and pairing the images with selective writings inspired by each image.

Both will then feature on the can of our new IPA series 'Fractions' and culminate
in an exhibition of the works & words at our Taproom.

Keep a check on our instagram and (soon to be) projects page to see what we have coming up. 

If you'd like to be a part of it or make an entry, drop an email to


You read that right. We have a big old yard and we want to make sure that we can all enjoy some beers in the sunshine. Manchester has never been a place that's had much to offer with regards to beer gardens, but we hope this can change that. 

We will be teaming up with On The Brink Studio and Mike & Sian (Our Taproom designers) to come up with something special.


2021 was totally focussed on getting our new space up and running, which meant that events had to take a bit of a back seat BUT... we want to change that this year. We love getting out and meeting folks up and down the country, so expect to see a lot more us. Festivals, Tap Takeovers, we are ready to get back out there!

If you have any places you'd like to see us, don't hesitate to drop us a line on our socials or at


 Beak & Barth Haas

Collaborations have been at the heart of everything we do. We LOVE them. Getting to share ideas with our peers is one of the best parts of this industry. 

Again, this all took a bit of a back seat due to social distancing and transitioning to a new site. But we already have lots in the pipeline and not all of them are to do with beer... Though we have them too of course.


I know we say it a lot, but it's important. Without you guys, the dream of having our all in one facility would be just that... a dream. But it's not, it's here and we want to make sure that all the energy that's been put into it, is returned in equal measure.

We want our Taproom to be a hub for the community, a place of fresh beer, projects and people. 

We know that not everyone is able to come and visit us (though we do hope to see most of you) so it's incredibly important to us that we utilise all of our resources and ideas to make sure there is a constant flow of new and exciting events/projects on the horizon. 

Expect lots more beer launches, online events and maybe even a Podcast comeback... 


Finally to us. Though we are always eager to look forward, 2021 did teach us an incredibly important lesson and that is, to take a second.

As a small, fast paced company that has now grown, we've never really stopped to take a breathe and think about exactly what we want 'Track' to be as a company. 

Our team are incredible, they've worked so hard to get us to this point and it's of paramount importance that we have a space and an environment which encourages and cares for them in equal measure. We are currently drafting our company code of conduct and doing the internal work to make sure that we progress as a unit. 

We know that if we improve then everything we put out into the world improves too.

So... onwards we roll into 2022, filled with excitement & optimism. 

We hope to see you for a beer soon,

Much Love


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