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What makes 'Craft' Brewing 'Craft' Brewing?

Well... there are a few answers to that question but for us, the connectivity and feedback between consumer, to brewer, to supplier is at the heart of it. This synergistic relationship, is a constant driver of innovation and, gives us the energy and enthusiasm to keep pushing ourselves in search of new lands and or, beers. 

Whether it happens in the Hop fields of Yakima, or the Yeast Labs of WHC in Ireland, we want to bring that innovation into the Brewspace and see what can achieve. The beauty, and the ever so slightly terrifying part of this adventure, is that the results are not yet in. The planks are being laid as we walk, but... in the words of the great Samuel Beckett, "Dance First, Think Later". 

     Dance First, Think Later Pale Ales

So... This weeks exploration is into the world of Thiols and WHCs new Thiolised Yeast strains.

Thiolised yeast strains are types of yeast that are selected for their ability to produce flavourful thiol compounds from previously locked-flavour precursors. These compounds give beers unique and intense fruity, tropical, and/or citrus-like characteristics that are desirable in certain styles of beer.

The guys joined us for a brew day, to produce two new Pale Ales, both using this new strain. It's a real privilege to be asked to be one of the Breweries collaborating in this field and in doing so building closer relationships with our suppliers.

" This was a great collaboration for WHCLAB, Track was the first brewery initially to try this yeast strain and gave us valuable feedback, since then Hop Unlock has become one of our most popular strains and becoming a core strain. We had discussed with Matt using a combination of mash hopping, using hop strains that has a high precursor value and liquid hop products to provide a precursor reservoir for the yeast, to act upon to produce the much desired thiol flavour compounds including stone fruit, bubblegum and grapefruit" Phil Woodnutt WHC Labs

We sat down with Phil Woodnutt from WHC for an episode of The Thirst Time (our Podcast series), where we talked all about Yeast. Check out the snippet below on Thiolised Yeast or head over to any major streaming platform to listen to the whole episode.

( For future reference, keep an eye out for the TH+ on our cans, this represents Thiolised Yeast)



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