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What Drives Us

We have been going a few years now, in November we actually turned 8! Can you believe it.

In the early days we were very much focussed on just getting beer in the tank and out the door, with barely a moment to eat our lunch. But as we sit here today, we have a team of 14 full time employees plus our awesome Taproom staff.

As a company we feel it’s time to put down on paper what it is that drives us forward and the values that we hold. We are a collection of individuals, but there is a common thread that runs through us all and we want to communicate that.

So here they are:

Community is at the heart of everything we try to do here at Track and with the Taproom we get to finally see that become a reality.

With each event we do and with each beer we release, our hope is that it finds people that may or may not know each other, coming together to have great conversations, share stories, and enjoy our beer whilst they do so.

Each week in the Taproom we get to see people reuniting, meeting family, joining a friend for a pre gig beer or finishing our running club and enjoying a well-earned post run Sonoma. There are many different interactions, but we love them all equally and with this we feel the circle of production to consumption is complete.

Whether it be how we produce beer, the label that goes on the beer, the way that beer is presented, it is all thought about and thoroughly considered.

For us every day is a school day, incredibly cliché we know, but it truly is. Going back to how we first started, we were learning on the job, experimenting, constantly altering recipes and (hopefully) improving in every department. For us the constant tweaks and changes are what keep us exciting and (another cliché) the day that stops, we stop.

Relationships matter. We want to make sure that everyone we communicate with, whether that be our Staff or our B2B/B2C customers, feel connected and important to us as a brewery.

With regards to our staff, building a team is all about identifying and unlocking the talents of the individual and doing everything we can to help them grow. Providing a space and an environment where that can happen, is paramount to us progressing.

We are still a relatively small team and we never want to lose site of the fact that a business is the sum of its component parts. Our staff make us what we are. Nothing pleases us more than seeing people achieve their set goals, whether that be within ‘Track’ or outside. We want to celebrate them all.

A value that we aim to run through all the previous points. With our staff and customers, it is vitally important to us that whatever background, colour or creed you come from, you feel accepted. We know that it is our job to ensure that the environment is set to make sure no-one feels out of place or that we feel unapproachable. Our aim is to make Track as inclusive a space as it can be.

The beer scene has changed a lot since we began and that’s been a hugely positive thing, we hope we can keep pushing forward to create a more vibrant and exciting community for us all to be a part of.

We know that we are growing and changing every day. We hope that the work we do internally will emanate to create a better industry. We also always want to listen to your feedback. If you feel that these principles haven’t been adhered to, please let us know. As we’ve previously mentioned, the journey is one of constant improvement and your feedback is a vital source in making that a reality.

Much Love,
Team Track x  


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